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how to number the reporting?

you help me.

how to number the report?

eg: (Order column)

Order      Name           Date

1              Tai               10/6/1999

2              Tuan            12/1/2000

3              Thu               2/2/1999





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    Offline posted

    Hello Tai,


    Are you using UltraGrid from Infragistics Windows Forms?


    If so, it has a functionality to display row numbers on each row.


    The below is the example.


    ultraGrid1.DisplayLayout.Override.RowSelectors = DefaultableBoolean.True;

    ultraGrid1.DisplayLayout.Override.RowSelectorNumberStyle = RowSelectorNumberStyle.VisibleIndex;


    Please take a look at the following document for more details:


    Displaying Row Numbers in Row Selectors


    Let me know if I may be of further assistance.


    Thank you,

    Mihoko Kamiishi

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