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Not Rendering Correctly when Menu is on Master Page

I have an UltraWebMenu control that is on a master page. The control is populated dynamically when a content web page (i.e. based on the master page) is initially loaded. The menu items are displayed, and the menu behaves as expected (slide, shadow, item spacing etc) but few of the visual properties of the control are rendered correctly. In particular, the background colour and any images are ignored, as are foreground colours. The font size is respected as is the [Bold] attribute but [Italics] is not. This is the case even if a Preset is chosen from the Quick Designer. Nor does it matter how the attributes are set - via declarations of the control, via inline CSS, via an external CSS file or via program code - the menu stoically displays with black letters on a white background.

I have proven that my programming logic is correct by populating an UltraWebMenu on a web page that is not based on a Master page - it renders correctly.

I really need to have the menu integrated into the Master page. Any advice or assistance would be gratefully received.

Kind regards

Paul Shearing, Caterham, England
VS 2008 Pro, C#.  Infragistics Netvantage for ASP.NET 2008 release 1, XP Pro SP3, 4GB RAM, Loadsa disk space

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