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About the information of four modules ssa3d30.ocx, SSTree.ocx, Sstabs2.ocx,Sstbars2.ocx

Hello Infragistic, we are writing this post to ask for further important information about your modules.

We are using VB6 system, and we are including four modules ssa3d30.ocx, SSTree.ocx, Sstabs2.ocx, Sstbars2.ocx in this system. By now we have not had the licenses of these four modules yet, so we cannot build this system. As our search results about these four ActiveX modules, there is one web page which is called ComponentSource (, and we have seen that they are selling ActiveThreedPlus (which is containing SSA3D30.ocx) and UltraSuite (which is containing ActiveTreeView 1.0, the container of SSTree.ocx module) of your company on their web page. We want to ask you to confirm if these products on ComponentSource are your legacy products that we want to buy for our project. In additional, we have not found any result about ActiveToolBarsPlus (which is containing Sstabs2.ocx and Sstbars2.ocx) on any search engine by now, please let us get some info about this set.

Because these questions are related to our project, so we are looking forward to hearing the information from you as soon as possible.

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    Hello Lê Hoàng Tùng,

    Thank you for posting the inquiry to our forum.
    I created a support case for this matter for further assistance. The case number is CAS-212455-K0Y1G1.
    You can see and update the support case by signing in the following link:

    We will update you through the support case, not here, when there are any update about this matter.