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Compare two cell value like compare field validator in ultrawebgrid.


I have one issue in ultrawebgrid describe below.

In ultrawebgrid i have two Columns in ultrawebgrid.

Column 1 Type = Dropdownlist

Column 2 Type = Dropdownlist

I need to compare Column 1 value and Column 2 Value in ultrawebgrid.

is there possible to use asp:Compare field validator in ultrawebgird?

if Yes then pls tell me how it is possible?

if Not then please provide any other solution through Javascript.

Thanks in Advance,



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    There is no easy way to do it with built-in functionality of the UltraWebGrid control per se. Most probably you will need to implement a custom validator (documented in MSDN here)

    and then use the client-side object model of the grid (CSOM) to get the values of both cells and compare them using the cell .getValue method documented here:

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