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Icon pack search tool

Hi all, I recently purchased both sets of icon packs, for the price I paid I would say my satisfaction level is OK. I just wanted to put in a feature request, there is no keyword search tool, sure the pdf and xps doc can be searched but it only finds exact matches to search terms in file names, this just isn't good enough as far as I am concerned.

 A competitor for the ICON packs has a search tool that takes keywords, displaying results and allowing you to select a found/desired icon and then the real set appears in a different pane and bobs your uncle you have the icon you want in the size you want right in the single search html page, instead with the infragistics icons I am digging around in the file system. I will not name the competitor as I feel it would be unfair but please please come up with some sort of keyword search and find tool and cut out the awkward way that I have to dig for icons.

a moderately pleased customer,


John Colclough