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IG Dialog window problem

Hi All,

I am new to this site and willing to share my experiences with you. Currently i am working on JSF 1.1 application with Infragistics. We implemented 'City Search' functionality where a command Link will be displayed once the user clicks on that link a small dialog window will be opened. Now my question is once we access the link 'City Search', the command button 'Add' to submit the form is not working properly. I need to click the command Button twice to submit my request.

If i didn't access 'City search', then action is submitted upon clicking the 'Add' command buttononce.

Actual jsp file is 'add_client.jsp'.

included jsp file which contains 'City Search' link is 'zipcode_search.jsp'.


Any help will be highly appreciated.


Thanks & Regards



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    Hello Vijaykrishna, One of our Developer Support member will be contacting you shortly. Please provide us an isolated sample application inorder for us to reproduce, find the root cause and troubleshoot this issue.

    Thank you!