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Align some menu items on left-hand side and some on right-hand side


I have a WebMenu that has 8 top-level items. I want to left-justify 5 of them and then right-justify the remaining 3 items. I added the following tags to get all items to left-justify:

        this.UltraWebMenu1.Width = Unit.Percentage(100);
        this.UltraWebMenu1.TopItemSpacing = TopItemSpacing.Compact;

However, I can't seem to get the right-most 3 items to be right-justified. I'd like to put a spacer between the left-justified and right-justified items, which would auto-size depending on the dimensions of the browser. How can I accomplish this?


Peter Kinmond

Lenos Software

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    Hello Peter,

    Your scenario is achievable using two separate menus, placed in one container, let's say DIV.
    So you can leave the first menu as is. For the second one, you can add custom css rule to say "float: right", which will make the menu container to float on the right of parent container. Thus you will achieve your goal.

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