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Problem opening a new window with ig:menuItem

Hello All,

First of all i would like to thank you all for all your previous valuable suggestions. Currently i am working on a JSF application where we used Infragistics components. I got stucked up with a small issue , please find the issue description as below.

Actual functionality  : we have a ig:menuItem in the banner , once the user clicks on that menu Item we have to open a new window (which is basically connected to a third-party web site).

Existing functionality : The user logged in to the appliation, and when he selects ig:menuItem we are opening a new window  (due to the attribute target="new_window" we specified for ig:menuItem) but it is again asking the user to enter his credentials (user id & password) in the new opened window which is really wierd.

From my observation, if i remove the ig:menuItem attribute target="new_window", then it is not asking user credentials directly going to third-party web site and working fine., but the requirement says that we need to open only in a new window.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Below is the code snippet

<ig:menuItem id="pvS"
                                href="#{bannerBean.pvsURL}" target="new_window" />