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Setting the HoverItemStyle Dynamically

I just upgraded to 9.2 from 6.3

Before upgrading I dynamically added Items to the menu and the <HoverItemStyle> attributes I set in my .aspx file worked fine.  Now they only work for the static items which I have in .aspx file.  How can I set that property dynamically so the same style is applied?  HoverClass?

It actually works part way...the menu Font will become Bold, but the BackColor is not being updated.

<HoverItemStyle Cursor="Default" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="Black" BackColor="Green" />

This worked in 6.3, and does in 9.2 as long as the item is not dynamically created and added.


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    Hello stepbrus


    It has been a while since you have made your  post, in case you still need of support I will be glad to assist you further I suppose the other community members can benefit from this answer as well. Please note, we are making efforts to ensure all posts are addressed by an Infragistics expert.  So the solution of your issue is to apply  CssHoverClass for every item in the ItemBound event of the menu like this:

    <style  type="text/css">




                text-decoration: "underline";




    protected void UltraWebMenu1_MenuItemBound(object sender, Infragistics.WebUI.UltraWebNavigator.WebMenuItemEventArgs e)


            e.Item.HoverClass = "Hover";



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