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Is it possible to change the filter "SelectWhere" from server side code? And How?

I have two editable webcombo, type ahead suggest and enableXmlHttp.The 1st one is used to first the entries in the other.

I place in inside a WARP to be able to reuse it for multiple operations (basically load existing value and set selected values on the said webcombo).

Now my problem is if I typed a value to webcombo2, then need to load new data (reset the webcombos) the selectWhere value in the previous operation still exists. (and thus causing new entries to be filtered) Is there a way to clear this selectWhere value? (preferably thru code (C#)) but worst case I might need to manipulate the value in the client side (i think I see the values as post variables).

Thanks in advance 

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    How to  filter the dataset of the webcombo from server side code (using a kind of "selectWhere" or other ideas) ?

    I'm also interested to find the answer to this question. How can it be done ?