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Problem sorting columns in GridView

Hi All,

Currently i am working on a JSF application where Infragistics is the Plug in. Please find my requirement below.

I have a set of columns which are displayed in the Grid View. For example, say column1 column2 column3 column4.

Out of these 4 columns first two columns column1, column2 are always rendered in the Grid view. Where as column3 and column4 are additional optional columns which are user selective.

The main motive of my post is about sorting of my Grid View columns. I need to provide sorting functionality for all 4 columns.

If i include all the 4 columns then sorting is working very fine. Now the problem is, if i include column3 (optional column) but not column(optional column) i am getting the following error on my system console.

    at com.infragistics.faces.grid.component.GridView.getColumnAtIndex(

Could any one please advice/suggest me on this. Thanks in advance.





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    Hello VijayaKrishna,

    May I know what NetAdvantage for JSF version you are using. I created WebGrid sample with 9.1.1064 Service release and was unable to replicate this issue. I have attached the same for your convenience.

    If this issue persist please share an isolated sample application in order for us to replicate.

    Thank you!