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Ultrawebgrid edit format error in IE8

I have a simple ultrawebgrid defined like so...

 <igtbl:UltraWebGrid ID="uwgDistricts" runat="server" Width="100%">
DisplayLayout ViewType="Flat" >
<FrameStyle Height="470px"/>

with an editable column defined like so...

 With .FromKey("sName")
    .Width =
New Unit("15%")
    .FieldLen = 50
    .DefaultValue =
.AllowNull = False
.Header.Title = "The name of the District."
End With

and the table like so...

With uwgDistricts.DisplayLayout
    .CellClickActionDefault = CellClickAction.Edit
.SelectTypeRowDefault = SelectType.Single
    .AllowUpdateDefault = AllowUpdate.Yes
    .AllowDeleteDefault = AllowDelete.Yes
    .AllowAddNewDefault = AllowDelete.Yes
    .CellPaddingDefault = 1
    .CellSpacingDefault = 1
    .Pager.AllowPaging =
.TableLayout = TableLayout.Fixed
    .StationaryMargins = StationaryMargins.Header
    .AllowSortingDefault = AllowSorting.OnClient
    .HeaderClickActionDefault = HeaderClickAction.SortSingle
    .HeaderStyleDefault.BackColor = Drawing.Color.FromArgb(&H2B64A7)
End With

 There's a skin defined that contains the line... 

<EditCellStyleDefault cssClass="GridEditCellStyleDefault"/>

and the class is defined like so... 

font: normal 8pt arial;
border:0pt none black;

When I render this in IE7 or IE8 compatability mode and click in the field to edit it the edit area fills the cell correctly. But in IE8 non-compatability mode the edit area is not wide or high enough and the original contents of the cell peep around the edge. I know the GridEditCellStyleDefault class is being used because I can change the background-color of the edit area. I've tried specifying padding, height, min-height and none of them fix the problem. I'm using 2009v2.