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Problem in creating Dynamic Hierarchical Grid


I am using Hierarchical Grid.

In this hierarchical grid, I have created the inner grid dynamically i.e. in JAVA code.

There is one problem I am facing.

If I am on a page which contains the hierarchical grid with no data then no grid is shown.

But suppose if some data comes in and I refresh the same page then only the data of outer grid is visible.

May I know whether I need to add any code in JAVA so that the inner grid also gets bound to the data.

If I write the same code on .xhtml page with no "BINDING" provided to the inner grid the data on the grid is visible.

Can anyone help me on this?

I thought that context.renderResponse() will work but it did not.



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    Hello drumilb, I think WebGrid is supposed to work as exception but, I'm not sure if you are missing anything while implementing. Is it possible to share JSP Gridview and serverside code snippet? This would help me analyze the issue and suggest.

    Thank you!



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