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Sevice release 2008.2.2204 breaks UltraWebGrid AJAX activity when used together with WebDialogWindow


My web application worked ok  for a several months. I used Net Advantage 20082.2121.

After installing Sevice release 20082.2204 the most important page breaks.

The trouble is. My form contains UltraWebGrid (Xml rendering) and  WebDialogWindow.

In a test web site you can check that UltraWebGrid  works fine. Try to change cell value and you will see that XmlRequest sends to server, all server evens fire in a right places .

But after changing the state of  WebDialogWindow from hidden to normal and closing the dialog,

all this AJAX activity of the UltraWebGrid  breaks.

Try to change cell value and you will see that no server evens fire.

My real application also handles client side XmlHTTPResponse event of UltraWebGrid.

So, I can see that gridResponse.ResponseStatus == grid.eError.LoadFailed in the case.

Whats wrong?

Thanks in advance. I need urgent help.
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    I found out that trouble is in the Infragistics2.Web.v8.2.dll assembly version 2204.

    If I replace it with the assembly version 2121 everything became fine.

    Hello, Infragistics?