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Is it possible to right-justify a ribbon group?

Is it possible to right-justify a ribbon group within the XamWebRibbon (IG 10.1)?  If so, can someone post some sample XAML?  I would like to have a group containing a "Logoff" button tool that is located to the far right of the ribbon, separated from the other groups.


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    Suggested Answer

    I don't think there is any clean way to do this but one option is to put empty groupes between the actual groups on left the the most right group that will contain the Logoff button.


            <!-- =================================================================== -->

            <!-- RibbonGroupControl -->

            <!-- =================================================================== -->

            <Style TargetType="igPrim:RibbonGroupControl" x:Key="rgcStyle">

                <Setter Property="Template">


                        <ControlTemplate TargetType="igPrim:RibbonGroupControl">

                            <Grid Width="1300" />






    <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White">

            <ig:XamRibbon x:Name="xamRibbon1" >


                    <ig:XamRibbonTabItem Header="Tab1">

                        <ig:XamRibbonGroup Caption="Group1">

                            <ig:ButtonTool Caption="Button1"/>

                            <ig:ButtonTool Caption="Button2"/>



                        <ig:XamRibbonGroup Style="{StaticResource rgcStyle}"/>


                        <ig:XamRibbonGroup Caption="Group">

                            <ig:ButtonTool Caption="Close"










    Hope this helps.