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Loose active/selected row style with paging.


I am using an ultrawebgrid 2009.2

I am using the following to bind my data to the ultrawebgrid:

uwg.DataSource = refdata

uwg.EnableAppStyling = Infragistics.WebUI.[Shared].DefaultableBoolean.[True]
uwg.StyleSetName = "Claymation"

If (id > 0) Then
    If (Not uwg.Rows.FromDataKey(New Object() {id}) Is Nothing) Then
        uwg.Rows.FromDataKey(New Object() {id}).Selected = True
        uwg.Rows.FromDataKey(New Object() {id}).Activated = True
        uwg.Rows.FromDataKey(New Object() {id}).Activate()
    End If
End If

The first time I load the grid, an id has been selected from another page I can see the row highlighted.

Now when I go to the next page and go back to the page the row is not highlighted. It goes into the test, if I inspect uwg.DisplayLayout.SelectedRows, the correct row has been selected, but it seems that it doesn't apply the selected row style any more.

Anyone a clue what I am doing wrong ??



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    Suggested Answer

    Hi estanito,

    It has been a while since your post, however in case you still need assistance I would be glad to help.

    In order to ensure that your style is persisted through page switching, the Browser and LoadOnDemand properties of you grid should not be set to XML as styles are not reapplied when communication with the server takes place in that mode.

    Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Best Regards,

    Petar Ivanov
    Developer Support Engineer
    Infragistics, Inc.