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We want your feedback/suggestions!


My name is Brent Schooley and I am the Developer Interaction Designer for the NetAdvantage Reporting product.  My job is to make sure your experience with the product is positive and productive.  It's very important to us that we meet your needs with NetAdvantage Reporting so your feedback is very valuable!

Is there something we're missing?  Something that could be made easier/more valuable?  Anything that bugs you that you'd like to see done differently?  Let me know so that I can help get the changes made so that the product is what you need.

If you have thoughts there are a few way you can let me know:

  • Reply to this topic
  • Email me: bschooley at infragistics dot com
  • Twitter: @brentschooley

Let's work together to make this a great product!



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    Gooday Brent,

    I have recently purchased Ignite UI.  Loving the product so far, but I have a request.  Currently the Reporting product IS ONLY available with the NetAdvantage bundles.  But this doesn’t make sense when I am solely developing for the Web using MVC, Jquery, javascript and Knockout technology stack. I understand that the reporting tool started in the .Net family of products BUT THE REPORTING TOOL NOW HAS a HTML5 viewer.  This would make perfect sense to include the tool in the Ignite UI tool set.

    You feedback would be much appreciated.




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