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Overcoming DateTime Precision Issues in the XamDataChart (splines turned on).

Our team has a hard requirement to support graphing down to the nanosecond resolution. This is not supported by the .NET DateTime struct. We are building a wrapper around the DateTime class to fix the precision problem (PreciseDateTime). 

Now the only element left is how can we interface the chart with PreciseDateTime? We are currently using a CategoryDateTimeXAxis with SplineSeries'. One solution was to utilize the NumericXAxis instead, but this leads to a goofy spline result (because of the ScatterSplineSeries implementation).

The spline comparison is shown in the attached demo project. If we can get the behavior of the first chart (CategoryDateTimeXAxis) within the NumericXAxis this could simplify our implementation. If not, other ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for the time.
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    Hello Will and thank you for posting! 

    I have been looking further into this matter and tested the project you have shared. It is seen that the ScatterSplineSeries is more precise than the SplineSeries.  This is the design behavior of this type of series. ScatterSeries is used to emphasis the differences between points (scientific data) and it needs numeric axes to be defined (

    Both series join points by a spline but if you do not need to highlight the deviation of data I currently could not think of a better solution than using the SplineSeries as in your example.


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