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How can I prevent the data points from ever hiding?

They key piece is that: markers must only be shown when all the data points are visible.

There appears to be some hard-coded marker width that determines when to hide the markers. The attached code shows that a skinny line marker gets hidden at the same time as the circle markers (when resizing the width of the window).

The closeness of our data points (within our actual project) are barely out of the resolution of the chart for zooming in such that the points are sufficiently far enough apart that guarantees prevention of the chart hiding the data points.Therefore permanently preventing the points from ever being hidden is our best option. And this is viable because we are already doing our own down-sampling to a handful of points (the chart only ever sees 1000 points).

The second option 'brute-force' option would be to recompile the source with an adjusted hard-coded marker width which would fix the issue as well (given your help on locating this hard-coded constant).

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?
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