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Overlapping XamSliderNumericThumbs - activate based on mouse direction?

I have a slider with two thumbs, call them High and Low. 


The High thumb can never be slid to the left of the Low thumb, and the Low thumb can never be slid to the right of the High thumb.  However, the two thumbs CAN have the same value, so you can drag the High thumb on top of the Low thumb, or vice versa; their thumbs will overlap. 


I would like the behavior where, if the thumbs are overlapping, clicking the thumb and moving the mouse left will cause the Low thumb to move, while clicking the thumb and moving the mouse right will cause the High thumb to move. The other thumb would remaing at the same position.

[--------#>>>H--------------]  or [--------L<<<#------------]

Currently, when the user clicks on the pair of thumb , only the topmost thumb gets activated (in my particular case, the Low thumb).  To move the High thumb, the user has to move the Low thumb out of the way, then drag the High thumb.

Is there a way to determine whether the thumbs are stacked on top of the mouse click, and then activate/drag one or the other based on how the mouse is moved?

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