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Nulls in xamDataChart result in empty chart


I'm plotting a lot of time data that may have gaps in. Previously, these gaps would have been connected together to form a continuous line. Our customer desires these to be actual gaps where the data is missing. The graphed data is averaged over minutes so I've merged the data with a list of nulled values, so that where there's a gap it appears as a double? null. (Previously tried double.NAN)

When I perform the merging function using 0 instead of null I get the graph I'm expecting, with it dropping down to zero where there isn't data.

However, when I try to get gaps by using null values the graph is just blank.

Here's the data object I'm graphing:

public class SensorValue
public DateTime MeasureTime { get; set; }
public double? Value { get; set; }


and I've configured it like this:

//Set Data
series.DataContext = sensor;
series.ValueMemberPath = "Value";
var itemSorceBinding = new Binding("Data.SensorValues");
series.SetBinding(Infragistics.Controls.Charts.Series.ItemsSourceProperty, itemSorceBinding);

Any idea why the graph is just showing no data?

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    Verified Answer

    I used double.NaN and get exactly what I want. The reason this wasn't working when I originally tried it (before using null) was because I was using a Spline Series I believe. I changed it to line. LineSeries doesn't seem to like null values but works fine with NaN.

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