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Dynamically changes Y axis values in datachart bargraph

How to dispaly dynamically changes Y-Axis values for each request.

For exmaple data:X-axis  and Y-axis data  for ecach requset. but Y-axis data will change dynamically for each request.

X-Axis --         Y-axiss


11/02/2014     2000

12/05/2014     2200

01/26/2015     21000


11/10/2014    0.56%

12/19/2014    0.62%


11/10/2014   5

12/19/2014   14

02/13/2015   7


Note: Y-axis value has Min and Max values. The value is less than Min value then display in Green bar and values is Grater than Max value disply in Red and in between display in Yellow Bar.

How to diplay this type of data in  silverlight  using xamDataChart with bargraph in diffirent colors as mentioned above.





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