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F5 and Shareplus Issue

 I am new to both Shareplus and F5. We have successfully configured our F5 as a reverse proxy and can log into our sharepoint system from an external address. However when we use the Shareplus app we get the "The data couldn't be read because it isn't in the correct format" error. I am guessing it is around authentication and SSO. The page for the F5 is a web page login with username and password. If I look at the log on the F5 the sessions that error out doesn't have username associated and seems to stop right before the SSO piece. 

Has anyone gotten a F5 to work with Shareplus that could share some tips?

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    Hello Justin,


    Sorry for not coming back to you yesterday.

    Which App version you are using now, is it the Enterprise build sent earlier to you or the App Store version?

    I know this post is to share also any user experience who is having F5, we will keep troubleshooting this through email.

    Best regards,


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    Hello Justin,

    How are you?

    We're wondering if you needed further assistance.

    Please note your support case will remain active for another week before it's closed due to inactivity.

    Take care,