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invoice for subscription


could you be kind to send us by email the invoice of the subscription for the present year we just subscribe.

thanks in advance

For any detail /information, please call my assistant Florence Bernon at 0 33 1 46 88 68 83.

best regards.

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    Hello Stephan,

    Thank you for your support request!

    In order to view your purchase history you can follow the steps in this Apple Support article:

    Since your purchase was processed by Apple, they're the ones who issue the purchase receipt. You should have gotten the receipt in your email as well.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you.

    Take care,

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    However, what you're describing is a method of money transfer. The best option is to have them mail you a check, cash, or just use PayPal and factor the payment fees into your total invoice. Or you can do this using Subscription management software.

    If this is a one-time, occasional chance, I understand being offended by fees, but perhaps it's best to simply boost your rate and accept that easy and quick will not be free.