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Preview Excel Error (OfficeImportErrorDomain error 912.)

Trying to "Preview" an Excel file via the SharePlus app (Enterprise version and getting Error: This operation couldn't be completed. (OfficeImportErrorDomain error 912.)

  • iOS version 10.2.1
  • iPad Air 2
  • SharePlus Enterprise

This error happens on Wi-Fi and Cellular connections.

Any help is appreciated.

See Attached image for Error screen capture.

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    Hi Sheral,

    It may be a little late on your particular example, however I'm leaving here the answer in case it helps someone else.

    Looking around the web I came across the most probable solution for the "OfficeImportErrorDomain error 912", which seems to be related to the documents format and of newer versions of Office, than the one present on the device opening it.

    It could also be that those particular files were password protected, or that it has a macro

    (from here:


    Adrián Pévere
    Senior Support Specialist
    Enterprise Mobility | Infragistics, Inc.

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