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Office 365 Credentials failure - Sorry, we received a bad request

I have a couple of Office 365 users that keep getting denied access into their Office 365 SharePoint site after entering their credentials (using either the Office 365 or Web Login method). The page displays the following error and appears right after you tap "Sign In". 

We received a bad request. 
Additional Technical Information:
Correlation ID: 006d1bff-a210-44f8-aa90-7653243d2287
Timestamp: 2017-06-28 00:34:27Z
AADSTS165000: Invalid Request: The request tokens do not mach the user context. One or more of the user context values (cookies; form fields;headers) were incorrect or invalid, these values should not be copied between requests or user sessions; always maintain the ALL of the supplied values across a complete single user flow. Failure Reasons:[Token s invalid;]
I am sometimes able to log in after 1) deleting the site (clearing credentials cache only does not work) 2) close the app completely 3) open SharePlus and add the site again. I repeat, this "reset" works sometime. Not always. I have had the issue occur on multiple users in the same domain. 
What on earth is going on...? The accounts that fail have no problem getting their credentials to work on the Office 365 portal, on their email accounts (native iOS or Outlook for iOS) apps or other places the credentials are used... Only SharePlus. 
Does anyone have any ideas to try?