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Editing External List

Our SharePoint 2016 site has an External List that pulls data through a BDC connection.  The purpose of the list is to let users edit the information on existing lines. This list works perfectly in a browser.  In SharePlus, you can see the list and open the items, but users are not able to edit any information. Is editing an external list not possible with SharePlus?  This would all be done while the device is Online and connected to SharePoint. 

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    Thank you for your support request!

    Regarding your question at hand, External Lists within SharePlus are as you say, read only. We do not anticipate upgrades to allow such operation in the upcoming product roadmap.

    Thank you nonetheless for taking the time to check with us the intended behavior.


    Adrián Pévere
    Senior Support Specialist
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    Enterprise Mobility | Infragistics, Inc.

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