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How to manage your documents?

Hey all,

Hope you’re all doing good amidst the Pandemic!

My firm is looking forward to implementing a document management system as it has become a bit difficult to manage quotes, applications, contracts, policyholder agreements, claim forms, PIP forms and HCFA forms. We are considering for a long-term use and investment as dealing with customers and mounting paper can be a daunting task. So, we want the transition to be smooth too.

I have done a bit of research online and found a few document management systems. I’ve been taking the online reviews and testimonials into consideration, which are not the only factors to consider if you’re thinking of long-term investment. For the time being, I am using Microsoft SharePoint for documentations, but I am thinking of getting a document management system suggested to me by one of friends. So, I’d like to get some insights and suggestions on the brand and the other DMS tools based on your experiences. I am looking for suggestions on DMS that you think is very essential in handling sensitive customer documents, and maintaining records efficiently, which is always a challenge. Let me know how what system or tool you are using for managing and organizing your documents.

Since we don’t have much time to waste, I’d love to hear from you as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Nancy,

    Let me tell you our recommendation.

    As a Document Management System, SharePlus excels in having access to SharePoint libraries, filter lists and libraries through the SharePoint views, favorite locations, keep them offline for later viewing, annotate on pdfs then sync back to the original documents among other features. It also allows for the creation of custom or widget-based workspaces to quickly access your SharePoint content.

    In order for you to give it a try if you wish, I’ve created a Proof of Concept of 30 days for SharePlus Enterprise using your email address so you can give it a try and judge for yourself. All you need to do is download SharePlus for iOS from this link, sign in using your account, then you will be ready to check the Demo as well to add your own sites. You will also have received by now an invitation to join as well.

    Check it and let me know how it goes!

    All the best,

    Adrián Pévere
    Senior Support Specialist
    +1 (609) 448 2000 ext 1262
    Enterprise Mobility | Infragistics, Inc.

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