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Create workflows and automate approvals and requests

I am looking for a few recommendations on contract management solution. I run a small business. It was really hard to get a contract in the beginning, but now we sign around 7-12 contract in a month. We used to manage and document the details of the contracts in spreadsheets. But due to the current situation it has become hard to do the same with just spreadsheets. So, I am looking forward to a solution that’d be simple and easy to manage. Some of the features that I’d need in the systems are: Ability to monitor and control the financial aspects of our contracts Ability to create workflows and automate approvals and requests. Obviously electronic signature integration. Ability of timely notification so that we don’t miss any deadline Integrate all the contracts we are currently working on and upload all the details regarding the same.

I am doing my online reading about CMS and found a few contract management software as impressive. Since I am running on tight schedule, I don’t have time to spare. My friend has been using HRMS of the same for the past few years so he suggested trying their contract management software. Though, I like his suggestion, I’d like to explore my options before going further. So, I greatly appreciate your help here. Also, I’d like to mention that it is better if you could suggest some platform independent CMS too.