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Hw to measure performance management on a daily basis

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is doing good!

With current situation and remote work in place, it's getting difficult to manage performance of people by managers. As HR, We are planning to introduce a employee performance management system which helps in reporting and feedback from peer, self and manager on a daily basis. Could anyone suggest:

  • Pros and cons of such system
  • Teams for which it will be beneficial
  • Any tool to help in this regard

As a high growth startup which is people focused, this can become a part of the culture. But I really want to know if it's gonna be backfiring in the future!!

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    Hi Jasper,

    Our best in class product for such measurements is our application. Its multi-platform approach for iOS, Android, Web, Mac and Desktop give you a full range of possibilities along with the more than 25 data sources that it can be linked too. Give it a try!

    Find out more at

    Wishing you a happy holiday season,

    Adrián Pévere