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Looking for a Learning management system

You guys all know how recruitment at organizations have all become virtual and totally different now. we have also started following this procedure now. The thing is, before when a new recruitment is done and that person comes onboard, training process was done, which was mostly in the conventional way. Now we are looking for an automatic learning management system that could be used virtually to train our teams, learning management system like this, which are based on SharePoint is what we are looking for, do let me know your thoughts.

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    Hi Jamie,

    Let me tell you about SharePlus, our SharePoint and document management application. With it, if you have all of the above information on SharePoint, be that on lists of any kind or libraries, you can use SharePlus to access, synchronize and work them offline, sync back, create a workspace for the resources among many other features.

    If you want to find out more, feel free to schedule a demo through our webpage here.

    All the best,

    Adrián Pévere

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    If you decide to outsource your LMS implementation, a reliable LMS development vendor can facilitate the process by suggesting how to build good training content, designing all required features, and integrating your LMS with external and internal software. Yalantis has experience building mature software projects. We’ll gladly back you up during the educational app development journey right through your launch and provide further technical support after your product is released. 

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    Learning Management Software has become an essential component of educational systems that are online, especially in situations where there is a requirement to provide a wide range of information to a broad public. If you're unsure whether or not the LMS is right to use, below are the advantages of using a system that can make you think:

    • All the content is available in one place

    Instead of having all your educational content spread across multiple storage devices, it is possible to store all the content in one place. This reduces the chance of losing data and makes it simple to build the course. The students in an online course are able to access the course information through the software to manage to learn. This is why it's the ideal choice in online instruction.

    • Access to all learning materials

    After the instructor uploaded the course materials onto the LMS and then published them and the students have access to them, they can access the materials. Even students who travel can sign in to the system using smartphones or tablets. So, they won't need to wait until the next class to accomplish work-related activities and improve their abilities. That's the reason why an LMS is considered an essential requirement for a group of international students who live in diverse time zones.

    • Simple tracking of performance and the progress made

    With an LMS students can monitor their progress and make sure they're reaching the targets. In this case, for instance, when a student is unable to complete the course in a timely manner it is possible to have additional resources given to them to help improve their learning behavior and performance. Actually, most LMS provide analytics and report tools that help pinpoint specific areas where the student isn't performing.

    • Learn costs are reduced

    With an LMS that the school has the ability to eliminate the expenses related to travel for instructors and printed eLearning materials and rentals for online training sites. Because all instruction will be conducted online, they will save money on the budget for learning. A good example is that the school will not have to print 500 manuals or arrange a hotel stay in order to host the teacher as all the data will be accessible online through the LMS.

    • It reduces the time needed to learn and develop.

    With an LMS You can cut down on the time spent online for training because all information of the students will be accessible in a logical manner. Instead of enduring long training courses students are able to quickly go online to find the modules they wish to learn and acquire the necessary knowledge in less time. Additionally, they can test their knowledge of the subject by taking online tests and quizzes and watch videos that demonstrate particular tasks or processes, and participate in interactive scenarios and simulations.

    If you want to reap all the benefits of an LMS, you need to find the one that suits your needs. We help develop interactive, winning, robust, and e-learning apps that are preferred by the users. Let's connect.