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Looking for a Learning management system

You guys all know how recruitment at organizations have all become virtual and totally different now. we have also started following this procedure now. The thing is, before when a new recruitment is done and that person comes onboard, training process was done, which was mostly in the conventional way. Now we are looking for an automatic learning management system that could be used virtually to train our teams, learning management system like this, which are based on SharePoint is what we are looking for, do let me know your thoughts.

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    If you decide to outsource your LMS implementation, a reliable LMS development vendor can facilitate the process by suggesting how to build good training content, designing all required features, and integrating your LMS with external and internal software. Yalantis has experience building mature software projects. We’ll gladly back you up during the educational app development journey right through your launch and provide further technical support after your product is released.