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Recommendations for contract management system

Hi all,

I was caught off guard earlier today when the new director of operations of a legacy 8-seat client since 2015 said they weren't under a contract and after doing my own research I found he was right.

The original contract signed in 2015 needed to be resigned every single year and after we got to forty of those, in 2017 we switched over to a system that auto renewed every year with a moderate price increase. In November 2018 we announced the change, in November 2019 we sent out the updated contracts, and all of them came back signed or so I thought.

So now I'm looking for recommendations of new contract management system from my friends and other sources, that'll be able to assist me with contract management, to ensure we don't miss a renewal or to ensure we get a contract signed before we initiate services. What do all of you use?