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What is pixel art?

Would you like to practice drawing or establish a modern and trendy visual? Pixel art is quite particular to understand, because it mixes the age of graphics, and both modernity! In a single idea, a single concept, you can create a visual that is satisfying and rather nice to visualize!

Definition of pixel art

The pixel art is a graphic style that uses a screen resolution of very low quality. Also, the colors of the visual are very limited. That is to say that a design made in pixel art is represented by a square and colorful appearance. Pixel art is a good creative process to minimize an object, person or entity.

Pixel art and drawings

Beyond being a simple style of graphic design, it represents a real technique in drawing! Indeed, creating pixel art requires much more than creating 2 or 3 squares of pixels next to each other. But then, how to do it? Well, that's pretty straightforward to design when you're aiming to create a simple shape. You just have to distinguish each element by pixels of a different color. And for the effect it gives, it comes close to the concept of embroidery.

Inspiration for your pixel art

You might not have an idea for a design and yet there are tons of ways to get inspiration! Come on, I'm nice, and I'll give you a lead: Google. By doing some research on the subject, I decided to create a list of 3 websites that can inspire you for your creation.

On Pixelartgratuit, you can simply view visuals created in pixel art in a fraction of a second. Nothing complicated on this site, you can easily find inspiration quickly! Several sections are available such as trendy images, or even popular visuals.

You should normally be familiar with Pinterest (unless you live in a cave ..), this website is renowned for offering a wide variety of visuals! By doing a search on the website, you can find a bunch of pixel art designs . Quite practical when you want everything in front of you!

On Instagram's pixel art section, you will easily find what you are looking for! Just scroll down to select the best pixel art, it will give you quite a few interesting ideas and concepts to implement on your drawing.

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