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InfoPath Forms on SharePlus


I recently purchased SharePlus pro based on it's ability to browse and edit InfoPath forms, however, I cannot find any instruction as to how this works.

I have a list that has an InfoPath customised new item form, however, when I use SharePlus to add a new item to the list, this form is not used.
I also have a webpart page, with the Infopath Forms Webpart on it.  When I try to open this page in SharePlus, I receive and error stating that no application is available for this type.

Could I please get some guidance on how InfoPath forms work with SharePlus?


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    Hi Jeremy,

    In SharePoint, there are at least two ways to use InfoPath forms:

    ·         Forms Libraries: Creating a document library, saving XML form instances as documents.

    ·         Item Lists: Using Infopath 2010, creating a form that saves data as SharePoint list items, not xml documents. When publishing, Infopath automatically adjusts the NewItem.aspx, ViewItem and and EditItem.aspx pages linked to the library to display the Infopath form instead of the standard aspx form. (View image)


    I believe you are using the second approach. Unfortunately, it is not currently supported. We will try to investigate it and if possible, include the feature in our roadmap.

    Meanwhile, if possible, you can try to re-publish your InfoPath form to a SharePoint Library instead of a list.


    Gustavo Degeronimi

    Product Manager - SharePlus

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