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How do I edit a document in SharePlus PRO for Android?

Hi all!

Based on JChurchM81's need of editing a document from his SharePoint farm and save it back using SharePlus I decided it was time for us all to have a tutorial on how to do it.

1 - Browse the library where the document you want to edit is at.

2 - Tap it to view its details.

3 - At the details dialog tap the document's icon then tap "Open In"

4 - The document will be openend in you default office app. Edit your document as desired.

5 - Now save the document and go back to SharePlus. You will see a dialog which states the file was copied to your SD card and will allow you to delete it or just confirm. Just tap OK.

6 - You will need to tap "Edit" and then "Edit Item" in order to update the original document with the edited one. Proceed to delete the original document

7 - Now select the recently edited copy of the document from the SD card, where it was originally saved before you edited it

You have successfully edited and updated a document using SharePlus!

The next time you try to open the document SharePlus will notify you that the original file in the SD card was modified and will ask to confirm whether to replace it or not. Just tap OK.

 I hope this is helpfull for you all.


Javier da Rosa | Solutions Engineer | Customer Service