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Use Wiki pages off-line on iPad

We have built an extensive Wiki site with all our IT support documentation on the Sharepoint site of our hospital. Problem is that we will not be able to access the Wiki if the hospital network is down, or the Sharepoint server unreachable.

Therefore I have purchased the Shareplus Pro version for the iPad because to able to work with the Sharepoint documents offline. However, it seems that the Wiki pages (all html/asp pages linked together) can not be used offline. The Wiki pages do show up in the list in Shareplus, but when you opne the page Shareplus gives an error message: "There was an error during document's load. This may occur when Shareplus is trying to open a non-compatible type of document". 

Strange thing is that the document CAN be opened in on-line mode, so the error message is probably not correct. Could it be that in the html code of the wiki page there are references to other html documents that are not available offline (such as css files, java script files, etc)?

Regular documents such as PDF or pictures are fine offline.

Enno van der Velde

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