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Update from v2.9.8 to v3.0.15 and v3.2.17

Hi all,

A lot of you have reported that sites which used to work in SharePlus v2.9.8 don't work in the latest releases (v3.0.15 and v3.2.17).

In most cases this is due to new options in SharePlus advanced configuration: User Agent and SSL Version.

In the previous versions of SharePlus, the default user agent would be "SharePlus". In the latest release we changed the default user agent to Mozilla, which has proven to work better. For new users of SharePlus this won't be an issue at all. For those who have updated to the new release this change will result in a conflict.

Those who had modified their server settings to work with the "SharePlus" user agent will have to go to Settings>Advanced Settings and change the user agent to "SharePlus".

When the user agent is not the issue, it could be the SSL Level SharePlus is using. Previous versions had, by default, SSL v3. The last update has it set to Negotiated. Some servers do not support this and will require SharePlus to use SSL v3 in order to authenticate.

To sum up. If your site used to work with SharePlus v2.9.8 but doesn't with v3.0.15 or v3.2.17 try setting the user agent to "SharePlus" and/or the SSL Level to SSL v3:

I hope this helps with migrating from v2.9.8 to v3.0.15 and v3.2.17.

Best regards.