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How to enable and send Technical Logs

Hi all,

Whenever SharePlus fails to connect to a site, it can generate Technical Logs that can be used by us to troubleshoot the issue.

These logs are dumped in Local Files. If you have SharePlus PRO you can access them directly from the Home Screen. If you are running SharePlus LITE you will have to sync your iPad/iPhone with iTunes:

  1. Go to Settings>Advanced Settings and turn Technical Log ON
  2. Save the settings and reproduce the issue. Go to Local Files. 
  3. You may zip them if you have more than one: 
  4. Attach the logs to your reply.
  5. If you are running SharePlus LITE you will need to sync your device with iTunes, click the apps tab, scroll down to the File Sharing section and in the Apps list click SharePlus. In the list to the right you'll see the generated logs.

I hope this helps troubleshooting any issues you may encounter.

Best regards,

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