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SharePlus using F5 Big-IP APM via Weblogin

The scenario is this:
iPad (iOS 5) running Share Plus v3
SharePoint 2010 server
F5 Big-IP APM v10.2.3 as a user access gateway.

When using the weblogin, we are to authenticate successfully, but the Share Plus weblogin page remains open and the SharePoint 2010 site is displayed in the Share Plus weblogin page.

Share Plus says synchronising but nothing appears and the shareplus weblogin page remains open.

If you close the Share Plus weblogin page, Share Plus appears to be disconnected.

There could be a number of issue, with the F5 Big-IP APM or SharePoint 2010 or Share Plus.

I’m seeking assistance with trouble shooting tips and/or assistance from anyone that has successfully deployed Share Plus using F5 as a user access gateway


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