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Offline Support: updating # of items on list level

While online, I configured a document library in SharePlus for Offline support and after the first sync --> the green icon appeared on the folder (at the list level in the left-hand navigation) and all items in the folder are now visible when 'offline'.

I then add documents in the the sync'ed folder in SharePoint and return my iPad to 'online' status.  I then wait 30 seconds for the folder to sync and I see 'synchronizing' appear beneath the folder and the green icon spins.  When I look in the folder(s) in SharePlus for my new documents, I do see the documents BUT the '# items' in the left-hand navigation (under the folder name) does not update properly.  

So if I had "4 items" originally in the folder and I added 1 more item in SharePoint -- I see the new item in the folder after the sync but "4 items" still appears under the folder name instead of "5 items".

(If I  manually click the 'refresh' icon (in the bottom-left of the list) then the  '# items' updates properly.


Shouldn't the sync process properly update the '# items' so I'm sure the sync worked properly??

Please advise.  thank you.



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