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Mobile Navigation list for Mac version?


just wondering if the Mobile Navigation list to define what elements of a site you can see in the mobile version is actually supposed to work for the Mac version also, there are elements that really would prefer users not to see, ie Form Templates, Style Library and the Mobile Navigation list itself. All these are hidden in our mobile version but not on the mac.

if it is supposed to work then should i raise a support call for this?



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    The mobile navigation list for the Mac version offers a streamlined interface for effortless browsing. With the inclusion of the package scale feature users can customize the display according to their preferences, enhancing usability. The package scale ensures optimal adaptation to various screen sizes, making navigation intuitive and efficient. This feature-rich update simplifies access to key functions, providing a more seamless and enjoyable user experience for Mac users.package scale

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    I'm afraid no.

    Mobile Navigation is not implemented for SharePlus Mac though it can with custom development for an enterprise deployment.