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Show subsite description

my users create subsites per enquiry using an enquiry number. this is ok when browsing as they see the description but through Shareplus its a cold list of numbers. is there a way of showing the description? oh, i have shareplus pro and other than that works great with sharepoint and quickoffice!

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    I don't quite get it, what does it mean it doesn't seem to suit me at the moment. By the way I want to talk about kick the buddy, this is a website that contains games of various genres.

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    Yes, there is a way to show the description of subsites in Shareplus. One way to do this is to customize the view of the subsite list in Shareplus. To do this, open the subsite list in Shareplus and click on the "View" tab. Then click on "Modify view" and select the columns that you want to display, including the "Description" column. Another way to view the subsites with descriptions is to use a workaround in SharePoint Online. You can add a "Highlighted content" web part to a modern page and set the source to "This site collection", the type to "All", and the filter to "ContentClass equals STS_Web". This will display a list of all subsites with their descriptions. pizza tower

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    Hello Tim,

    Thank you for posting at IG forums!

    Do you mean having the site description in the navigator instead of the site name?

    This is not possible with SharePlus PRO. If you were interested in deploying SharePlus company-wide we could evaluate the technical feasibility of implementing this as a custom feature.

    Take care!