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Saving files back to share point

 'Save Back' option in QuickOffice stopped working after I upgraded my iPad to iOS6. So whilst I can still open and edit files in QuickOffice via SharePlus I can't save them back to my share point website.

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    Indeed. They released a new version and according to their forum this has been fixed.

    Thank you all for bearing with us while this issue was fixed.

    I'll close this thread now.

    Take care,

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    3 ways to save files to SharePoint

    The most basic and intuitive option would be to use the Upload button on the library. For those who are in SharePoint Online, you can upload multiple files and folders. Those living with older versions of SharePoint or those who run SharePoint on-premises or those still running classical look and feel of a document library – you can only upload one file at a time using this method.

    This is the new feature that became available with SharePoint Online/SharePoint 2013. The convenience factor here is that you can drag and drop multiple files and folders from any location right onto your browser. Please note that just like with previous option, you cannot drag and drop folders unless you have SharePoint Online and use modern experience for a document library.


    Copy the URL of a SharePoint site you want to save a document to From Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote, do File > Save As > Browse. In the window that pops up, paste the URL of the SharePoint Site in the address window. Make sure to not include the full path though.

    Once you do the above, you will see contents of the site. So just navigate to a library and specific folder where you want to save a document to and click Open

    The document is now saved directly to SharePoint.

    I hope this helps!

    Ben Martin


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    Sales tried to contact you without success. Would you mind providing us with a suitable date/time for dry rot and well as a phone number to reach you at?