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Office 365 ADFS authentication error

Hello, we have recently transition from Microsoft BPOS to Office 365.  Since the transition we cannot access our SharePoint sites within SharePlus.  During this transition we have also implemented ADFS.  When we try to setup our account in SharePlus we have tried Windows based and Office 365 authentication modes.  We can get to our ADFS login page to validate credentials but when trying to connect we get a popup that states "Authentication Error: Unsupported URL"

I am thinking ADFS is kicking this error back, but I wanted to reach out to see if you have encountered this issue with anyone else before because we are at a loss right now of what is causing this and how to resolve it.  We have users that love this product but are now frustrated that they cannot use it so we are desperately trying to get this resolved.

Thank you for any information you might have to assist us with troubleshooting.


Jason Gombos