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Creating Blog Post with Images Offline


When I create a blog post in offline mode, I can insert images as normal (although they show up in the editor with a "?" icon) and in the source HTML the link inserted looks valid for the new image (assuming it would be uploaded to the Photo's library of the blog site), however the photo does not get added to the Photo's library, which is set for OffLine support along with Posts, Comments and Categories.

Am I doing something wrong?




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    Creating a blog post with images offline allows you to meticulously craft your content without relying on an internet connection. This approach offers flexibility and focus, enabling you to concentrate on writing compelling text and selecting images that best complement your message. By working offline, you can refine your ideas, edit drafts, and ensure your visuals align seamlessly with your narrative before publishing online.

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    Uploading images offline is currently not supported by most blogging platforms, including Photos libraries. This means that even if you can insert them into the editor and the link seems valid, the actual image cannot be uploaded to Block Blast until you are connected to the Internet.

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    Offline posted

    Hi Gary,

    Thank you for posting at IG forums!

    I did exactly what you described and couldn't reproduce the issue:

    - Enabled offline support for all of the Blog's lists (Categories, Comments, Links, Photos, Posts)

    - Added the post and a picture in its body

    - The post showed as pending (+ in the corner)

    - The Photos library had an extra item (photo)

    - When online again the picture and the post were uploaded.

    The post was being displayed correctly both online and offline.

    What version of SharePlus are you usign?