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How do I use SharePlus' URL Schema (a.k.a. Web-to-App Integration)? (SharePlus iOS)


I need to open a SharePoint resource (Site, List, Library, Document, etc.) in SharePlus directly, from another app or my web browser. How can I do this?


SharePlus supports URL Schemas, this means that you can launch SharePlus and have it navigate to a specific location or resource with a link from, virtually,
any app in your iPad or iPhone. The URLs start with shareplus://, or splus://, or sharepluss://, or spluss://, (for HTTP:// or HTTPS://, respectively) and are followed by the resource’s URL without the HTTP or HTTPS:

If you have already set up the site in SharePlus, the app will simply take you to the resource if it is an item or document – or navigate to the location if it is a list or sub-site:

If the site in which the location or resource is located is not set up in SharePlus yet, you will be given the option to set up the site. Of course, you will need to set up the account for the site as you would do normally when setting up a site from scratch – but you will have the site name and URL already added:

Any link starting with shareplus://, or sharepluss://, will open in SharePlus if you tap it in your iPad or iPhone. This will allow you to quickly access from other apps any resource in SharePoint, via SharePlus.

I hope this helps.

Take care,