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Cannot view items in sub site folders

I'm running SharePlus Pro v2.1 on a 13" Macbook Pro Retina running Mountain Lion 10.8.3.

Our SharePoint site is Office 365 and used only for cloud storage of documents. There are no calendars or other team oriented features we use.

Online, I can connect to the SharePoint site, access the sub sites and navigate to Shares Documents to see the folders I have created. However, when I access the folder I've created, it is empty, indicating No Items. I have full access permissions at all levels.

SharePlus allows me to set Offline Access mode for the sub site and indicates that it is synched.

My SharePlus Lite app on my iPad works fine and allows me to view and access all documents.

What's going on here?

More data -

I can create a document on the MacBook and upload it to my SharePoint site using SharePlus. However, SharePlus will not see the file. The folder shows  "No Items" event though SharePlus successfully uploaded a file to the folder verified by accessing the site through a web browser.