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Photo editing app with incoming/outgoing Open In

Is there an ios photo-taking and editing app with incoming Open In support for SharePlus, or ios photo editing app with incoming and outgoing Open In support?  We create a lot of picture library items in offline mode, and would love to be able to edit it hem before syncing it.  Right now, our only method is to create the photo, edit it, and save it in the camera roll; then, in SharePlus, create a new item from the camera roll-- a little clunky.  We would much prefer to be able from SharePlus either take a new photo with a camera app that allows editing before it is saved to SharePlus; or after saving it to SharePlus, open it with an editor, make edits, and then save the photo in the same place.

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    Hi dgover,

    Thank you for choosing SharePlus!

    Try Snapseed. It's free. Has pretty solid tools and lets you send the photo to SharePlus, and any other apps that support Open In.

    I hope this helps!

    Take care,

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    The HDR real estate photo editing service provided by Pixflows involves processing the images using specialized software and techniques to create a final image that is more vibrant, detailed, and attractive. This service can help bring out the best in real estate images by balancing the highlights and shadows and creating a more natural and appealing look.

    The HDR real estate photo editing service offered by Pixflows includes color correction, white balance adjustment, exposure blending, and other editing techniques to enhance the images' overall quality. This service can help real estate agents, photographers, and property owners create a more professional and visually appealing portfolio of real estate images.

    In summary, Pixflows' HDR real estate photo editing service is a great option for those who want to enhance the quality of their real estate images and make them more attractive to potential buyers. With this service, clients can create a portfolio of high-quality images that showcase their properties in the best possible light.

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    The justdomyessay review on was very helpful. It was unbiased and gave an honest assessment of the platform. It was easy to understand and I was able to get a good overview of the platform and its features. Highly recommend!

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    I used Snapseed, word wipe it's useful and free.  The solutions available now make it easy to transfer pictures to SharePlus or any other programme that supports Open In.

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    With soccer random current options, sending photos to SharePlus or any other app that supports Open In is a breeze