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Photo editing app with incoming/outgoing Open In

Is there an ios photo-taking and editing app with incoming Open In support for SharePlus, or ios photo editing app with incoming and outgoing Open In support?  We create a lot of picture library items in offline mode, and would love to be able to edit it hem before syncing it.  Right now, our only method is to create the photo, edit it, and save it in the camera roll; then, in SharePlus, create a new item from the camera roll-- a little clunky.  We would much prefer to be able from SharePlus either take a new photo with a camera app that allows editing before it is saved to SharePlus; or after saving it to SharePlus, open it with an editor, make edits, and then save the photo in the same place.

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    Unfortunately, there aren't many photo-taking and editing apps with built-in "Open In" support for SharePlus specifically. However, Here are a couple of workarounds and alternative apps you can explore:


    1. Use iOS' built-in Photos app:

      • Take a photo in the iOS Camera app.
      • Open the photo in the Photos app.
      • Edit the photo using the built-in editing tools.
      • When finished, share the edited photo directly to SharePlus from the Photos app's sharing menu.
    2. Use a third-party photo editing app with SharePlus import:

      • Some photo editing apps, like Snapseed or Lightroom Mobile, allow importing photos from other apps.
      • These apps might not have direct "Open In" support for SharePlus, but you can usually import the photo from SharePlus and then edit it within the app.
      • Once edited, save the photo and it should be available within SharePlus again.

    Alternative Apps:

    Here are a few photo-taking and editing apps with functionalities that might be helpful:

    1. Adobe Photoshop Express: Offers basic and advanced editing tools, allows importing photos from other apps, and integrates with cloud storage services like Dropbox.
    2. Snapseed: Offers powerful editing tools, allows importing photos from other apps, and includes features like selective adjustments and non-destructive editing.
    3. Pixelmator Photo: Powerful editing app with a user-friendly interface, allows importing photos from other apps, and offers features like batch editing and layer support.

    Note: While these apps don't have direct "Open In" support for SharePlus, they offer similar functionality through importing and editing capabilities.

    Here are some additional points to consider:

    • Check the specific features and limitations of each app before downloading.
    • Some apps might require a subscription for full functionality.
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    Thanks for the info