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Checklist Documents

Im the IT support in my office and one of my jobs is when there is an issue at someones computer, I follow a checklist to eliminate all issues. Is there a way to insert or create a document with a checklist so once I complete that task it highlights the box or checkmarks it? Almost like a fill-able pdf file.

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    Offline posted

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for posting!

    Well, this can be done. SharePlus supports editing PDF forms and saving them back to the library. Please refer to this article from Adobe on how to create these documents:

    In spite of this, I'd recommend you to work with a list, a custom list, that has one field per "thing to check", with a checkbox. This would let you get data from SharePoint and use it, among other things, to make reports, for example.

    Here's how an example list would look like in SharePlus:

    This is how I created it. You must have admin rights for the site:

    Create a new custom list.

    Edit its settings.

    Add your columns as needed.

    I used Yes/No columns since they're supposed to be a check box.

    Repeat the process until you have the needed lists.

    I hope this helps you achieve what you need.

    Take care,